Dawn French – Thirty Million Minutes

Back in the West End for one week only (this week – 18-22 October!), Dawn French presents the story of her time on the planet so far, this being approximately thirty million minutes.

Dawn French Thirty Million Minutes

She brings all her skills and personality to bear in this piece. She is warm, funny, engaging, honest, touching and, above all, herself – or at least the person we all think of her as being.

Although she is the only performer, it would be wrong to call this a stand-up show. Although the current trend is for stand-up (no doubt at least in part because it’s cheaper than the type of sketch or situation comedy on which Dawn French cut her teeth), this is much more a complete performance experience. Sure, there are laughs a-plenty. But also deeply personal and touching revelations and insights.

As a performance it feels totally spontaneous and in the moment. But the slickness of the production in terms of the back projection and lighting cues shows that this is carefully crafted and rehearsed with little, if any, scope for ad-lib diversions. But this does not undermine the inherent sincerity which imbues the whole evening. If you love Dawn French you’ll come away loving her even more after devoting a few of your own millions of minutes to this show.


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