Review – Half a Sixpence

Charlie Stemp as Arthur Kips. Photo by Manual Harlan
Charlie Stemp as Arthur Kips. Photo by Manual Harlan

There’s one guarantee when seeing a Cameron Mackintosh show and that’s an attention to detail unparalleled in the West End today. With a stage comprising multiple revolves, a Singing in the Rain-style streetlamp and a spectacular chandelier Half a Sixpence is no exception. The elaborate stage is just one part of a whole list of things that bring new life into this fifty year old musical.

Stiles and Drewe join Julian Fellowes to revamp the lyrics and book of Half A Sixpence, keeping the essence of the show, whilst adding new twists to familiar tunes and providing some spectacular new ones. The classic Flash Bang Wallop proves to be just the showstopper you may remember it to be, and if you haven’t seen the show or film before then prepare to be blown  away. Pick Out A Simple Tune is another stand out number of the show, showcasing the brilliant dancing and singing talents of the entire cast.

Charlie Stemp as Arthur Kipps, a draper’s assistant who inherits a huge fortune, displays an incomprehensible level of stamina as he sings, acts and dances his way through every number and barely leaves the stage throughout. His energy is the true star of Half A Sixpence, and this is surely the start of a great career!


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